Private Instruction Learn the skills you need with our qualified instructor.

Private Instruction
Private Instruction
We offer three types of private instruction.

Dry Fire $50/Hour

Dry fire practice is fundamental to shooter performance. We use SERT laser pistols and can run a number of drills to work on the skills you want to learn.

Live Fire $75/Hour

Meet your instructor at the range to learn skills, problem solve, and confirm capabilities. Additionally we offer to record your performance and send you the footage with notes for and additional $15. 

Simulator $100/Hour

Simulator tech is rare for nonmilitary or law enforcement personnel to have access to. We have Smokeless Range software that drops you into scenarios based on real life violent encounters. It gives you excellent feedback on how you perform under stress. Our instructor will help you identify areas of improvement and incorporate drills based off your performance. Couple & group rates available.