Armed Margins is making firearms accessable for everyone Our target is to create courses relavant to especially targeted populations


Our Instructor

Mitchell is the founder and lead instructor for Armed Margins. Mitchell is a long time anti-racist, queer, and community defense organizer. Mitchell has experience setting up and executing security for a variety of events in a multitude of different settings. Mitchell is dedicated to a horizontal and inclusive approach to instruction that is both transformative and values human life. With their instruction they bring a critical lens of structural oppression and how that translates into real life violence for marginalized and targeted communities.


“I started getting extremely serious about my training after receiving death threats for my activism. I was immediately confronted with how unwelcoming many training environments were and determined that I would need to build the infrastructure for accessible programs and bring it to my community. I’ve not made this project for the typical gun owner. It’s designed to resonate with oppressed people everywhere and made in collaboration with them.”

Professionally, Mitchell has worked as a front-line child youth care worker to abused youth in a psychiatric residential treatment facility. They have five years experience as a front-line employee and social worker, focused on clients with severe mental illness in the community. Mitch has been certified in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI), and served on both crisis de-escalation and homeless outreach teams. These dynamic environments produced a multitude of experiences where Mitchell had to apply scaled interventions, deescalation strategies, and environmental control techniques – all skills Armed Margins works to imbue into our clients. 

Mitchell is certified by the North Carolina Department of Justice in Use of Force as required to teach concealed carry courses in North Carolina. Additionally, Mitchell is a qualified Liberal Gun Club Instructor and Certified NRA Pistol Instructor. Mitchell is currently pursuing further certifications and continuing education to incorporate into Armed Margins courses. 

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