If you want to learn about firearms and self defense in an anti-racist environment – Armed Margins is the program for you. 

We were created specifically to serve black and brown communities, queer and trans communities, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, activists threatened for standing up to racism, and folks with financial constraints. 

We offer all our courses and services on a sliding scale, have equipment rentals, and accept students of all skill levels. 


North Carolina Concealed Carry License

Get licensed to conceal carry in NC. Learn the fundamental legal knowledge, skills, and attitude for concealed carry, all from our concealed carry class located in Lexington. 

Private Instruction

1 on 1 time with our instructor at the range, over video call, or just in the classroom. We will help you diagnose and correct problems, pressure test your skills, and equip you with the knowledge to be proficient on your own.