For many people the prevailing gun culture has thrown several barriers in the way of regular access to quality instruction. Our courses are developed with marginalized communities, women, and the LGBTQ+ community in mind within the Greensboro, NC area. Whether that be a hostile learning environment or prohibitively high cost, vulnerable people who span many life trajectories can find themselves in need of instruction without access to those spaces. Armed Margins was created with the stated goal of overcoming these barriers and has integrated content that is attuned to the common threats faced by societies most targeted populations.

North Carolina Concealed Carry License

Get licensed to conceal carry in NC. Learn the fundamental legal knowledge, skills, and attitude for concealed carry, all from our concealed carry class located in Greensboro.

Private Instruction

1 on 1 time with our instructor at the range, in our simulator, or just in the classroom. We will help you diagnose and correct problems, pressure test your skills, and equip you with the knowledge to be proficient on your own.